Myth Busters: Cooking healthy food is not more expensive than fast food!

People eat fast food or junk food because it’s cheap, right? Wrong! New research from the United States Department of Agriculture shows that healthy foods can be cheaper than less healthy foods when you measure their price based on average amount eaten. In other words, when you purchase healthy foods you get more bang for your buck!

These images from The New York Times compare the true cost (and healthfulness!) of feeding a family of four with three different types of meals: a fast food meal with burgers, soda and fries; a home-cooked meal of chicken, potatoes, and salad; or a home-cooked meal of pinto beans and rice. Note that the home-cooked meals win by a landslide – they each cost less than half of the fast food meal!

If it truly doesn’t cost more to buy healthy foods, why don’t people choose them over less healthy foods? Some researchers think that people turn to fast, pre-packaged foods because they take less time to prepare and purchase. At Healthy Family Fun, we know that shopping for and preparing healthy meals can be just as quick when you follow a few tips and tricks at the supermarket and in the kitchen.

We have recipes for plenty of simple dishes that you and your family can make at home. What is your reaction to the images above? Have you found that you can save money by preparing meals at home compared with buying fast foods?

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